These are a few of my favorite things~🎶 April 2016

I certainly need to set aside more time for creating posts here. I was hoping to experiment and make some interesting recipes to share, but I came down with a pretty nasty stomach bug that, for the first time in my life, completely zapped my appetite. I have suffered from nausea for various reasons throughout the years, but this was the first time that I was repulsed at the thought of food (and coffee *gasp*!) for days. Normally I live to eat – I’ll be eating one meal while day dreaming about the next. I’m one of those people that loves falling asleep at night because I know that breakfast will arrive that much sooner. Once the worst part of the “bug” had left my body I immediately returned to eating my normal diet, and I think that mistake prolonged whatever ickiness had invaded my body. I finally wised up and put myself on the same sort of bland diet my puppy dogs go on when they have tummy issues, and within a few days I was feeling much better. If it works for the fur babies why shouldn’t it work for me? It’s funny how I get so worried about upsetting their little stomachs that I immediately whip up batches of safe recovery food for their tummies, but for myself I figured I could just tough it out.

On the bright side something positive did come from this whole fiasco. I came to truly appreciate good health, specifically the ability to exercise. While I was sick I felt as if all of my energy was being used fighting to get well, and I found myself begging my body (along with any sort of higher power out there) to cure me as soon as possible so that I could return to exercise. Instead of being upbeat and positive I was feeling very glum, gloomy and anxious. I knew that if I could manage to muster up enough energy to go for a run I would feel a lot better mentally, but my body just wasn’t cooperating.

As soon as I started slowly incorporating exercise back into my life I immediately felt my mind clearing, I was much more energetic and overall felt happy again. I was hesitant to eat anything with spice, acidity or fat since it had such negative effects on me while recovering. Slowly, I introduced these back into my diet as well, and now I’m feeling great again! Prior to becoming sick I was finding it difficult to wake up each morning to exercise before work. Since my health has returned I have been extremely grateful and excited to wake up and get moving!

Since I haven’t had much time or the appetite for recipe experimentation as of late I thought it would be fun to share a list of things that I’m obsessed with right now.


1.) Health-Ade Kombucha ($5~/ea)

I knew that my gut needed some good bacteria reintroduced to it since all of the bad bacteria had taken over and kicked them out. If you’ve never had Kombucha before it’s wonderful because it contains probiotics, B-vitamins, enzymes and has a lovely natural effervescence (think healthy champagne!). I purchased a few different flavors of Health Ade’s Kombucha, and they are all delicious! While I was sick I preferred the Pink Lady Apple, but now that my tummy’s in shape again for spice I’m really digging the Cayenne Cleanse!

2.) GoMacro Bars ($3~/ea)

Serving portions were an issue for me while recovering, and once I graduated from plain Ezekiel bread I decided to munch on GoMacro bars because of their high nutrient profile in a concise package. All sorts of flavors here as well, but my favorites are Protein Purity (Sunflower butter/Chocolate), Protein Replenishment (Peanut Butter) and Cherries & Berries (self explanatory!).

3.) Macrovegetarian Shanghai Dumplings ($5~/container)

It’s always exciting to me when I find something that’s equally delicious as it is nutritious, and that’s exactly what all Macrovegetarian products are. This particular dumpling has a bit of spice from the ginger, crunch from cabbage and a “meaty’ texture because of the mushrooms. I love buying these in bulk, separating them into multiple containers to freeze and then defrosting them to bring for quick and healthy work lunches.

4.) YOGASMOGA Gear ($50-$250)

Oh my, where to begin… What could be better than high quality athletic gear that cares about you and the environment? I began with a pair of cropped leggings (which are by far the most comfortable athletic leggings I have ever purchased, by the way), and the addiction has continued to grow from there. After a couple of months I find myself a proud owner of a tank, tee, long sleeve tee, sweater, bra, multiple shorts, crops and I see a jacket in my future! I have a problem, don’t I? Ha! These items are about the same price as brand competitors (Lulu, Beyond Yoga, Athleta, etc..), but the quality is ah-may-zing! I’ve done spin class, pilates and ran all in the same pair of crops without any pilling or stretching – a yoga pants miracle I tell you! A nice added bonus is for every item you purchase you receive “SMOGI Bucks” which can be used towards future purchases. You receive 25 SMOGI Bucks to use towards your first online order too, which is great!

PS- These are made completely in the USA, yay!

5.) Splurge Alert (!): Peloton Exercise Bike ($1995 + $39/mo Subscription)

Ok ok, I realize not everyone will be able to go out and buy one of these puppies tomorrow, but if you can I highly recommend it! It’s definitely worth saving up for! This is the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever used, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. This is obviously a big investment, but the payoff in your physical fitness makes it more than worth your while. I’ve always been an active person, but this excites me for physical activity in a whole new way. The Peloton system allows you to bring spin class into your own home, rain or shine and at whatever hour of the day your little heart desires. There are thousands of “On Demand” videos to watch whenever you like, or you can sign up for live classes to participate with other riders all over the world. The coaches are energetic and motivating while the community is supportive and gets you engaged in an entirely new way. The bike itself is quality supremacy and customer service is always more than happy to assist you. If you’re looking  to add a new piece of equipment to your home gym this is definitely worth researching!