Thin Mints, Pocket Pies, and Cheezy Hot dog Pizza.. Oh my!


I was hesitant to even bother posting anything because it seems that all I ever make are sweet treats. Quite the contrary, but it’s always dark by the time I make my savory meals, and there are never any left overs to take pictures of the following day (that’s a good thing though, right?). I promise that I am going to make a point of it to get some snaps of savory dishes that I make – the blog is feeling very one-sided and boring without a few here!

This weekend is going to be the Oscar’s, and a few friends are coming over to watch the show with us. Us girls have already begun planning our menu, and let’s be honest here… we’re a bit more excited for the snacks than we are about the actual program. Actually, for the past few weekends we have all been gathering together to make new and yummy dishes. The Oscar’s just happen to give us a new excuse to eat snacks for dinner, rather than create a traditional well-balanced meal!

Last weekend we made buffalo cauliflower pizza, Mac&Cheeze with little hot dogs also atop a pizza crust, thin mints, and pocket cherry pies. Unfortunately, I have no stellar pictures of the pies or the pizza dishes (they were taken in terrible lighting with my iPhone), but I did salvage a couple of the thin mints to have a proper photo-shoot the next day!



 There was even some left over cherry pie filling that I saved, and I had intended on putting on top of pancakes. This was before it occurred to me last night before I fell asleep that it might be kind of amazing on top of some oatmeal (I often think of food before falling asleep, strange I know). It turned out being even better than I imagined.

 Tonight we are having alfredo with penne and a broccoli/spinach mixture folded in. For dessert we’re going to use up those little crumbly unsightly peppermint cookies to create a homemade chocolately mint blizzard. I will report back with my findings 😉


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